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A wide range of services. Encompassing all forms of residential, commercial, municipal and industrial work.

Water & Sewer

Every day we rely on the flow of water to, and from, our homes and our places of business. We take for granted that these services are working properly and without incident. However, when they do trained professionals are needed to resolve these issues and to get the water flowing again.

Cooney Excavating has extensive experience in new residential servicing as well as existing water and sewer repairs. Our many years of experience also includes service extensions to municipal mains and commercial improvements.

Property Maintenance & Sweeping

Maintaining commercial properties not only improve the look of the business but actually help to bring in more customers. Well cared for property is an investment that pays for itself as issues can be identified before they become expensive problems.

Cooney Excavating provides a variety of property maintenance services including: lawn cutting and trimming, garden maintenance, street and parking lot sweeping, sidewalk shoveling, snow plowing and snow removal services.


The movement of materials from location to location – especially aggregate materials – is not an easy task. For many years, Cooney Excavating has provided companies and municipalities throughout the region with both the crushing and hauling of custom aggregates for various projects.

From roads to paving, to construction and trucking, our clients have relied on us for our quality products and professional service to ensure the successful completion of their projects.

Excavating & Grading

The process of ensuring the best approach for your home or business location and elevations is one that requires experience and skill to ensure that the final construction starts on excellent foundations.

The process of proper excavation and grading starts with the initial topsoil stripping and ends with the final grading and landscaping. Our company provides site grading, building excavation, demolition, sewer and water servicing, rock excavation, parking lot construction, grading and much more.

Not all land is created equal and our ability to adapt and overcome with practical and innovative solutions are what set us apart from our competition.

Concrete Curb & Sidewalk

The process of constructing concrete curbs, sidewalks, pads and gutters are what take good projects to excellent projects. Well thought and properly planned approaches are what help to ensure that these items that help your customers reach your store, keep water out of our building and improve the overall appeal of our home or business are done right the first time.

Our team can accommodate projects of all sizes and in-house experts are ready to help you plan these items out to put the final touches on your business or home.